Right to Information

A citizen or a member of the general public can seek information from the prescribed authority under the Right to Information Act after depositing the prescribed fee in terms of Jammu & Kashmir Right to Information Rules. The public can take the sample of the works undertaken by the Rural Development Department for test checking. In case of withholding of information by the prescribed authority, the persons from the public can approach the reviewing officer/controlling officer for the purpose. In terms of Section 12 of the Jammu and Kashmir Right to Information Act, disciplinary action can be taken against the officials withholding the information.
As a means to bring about transparency in the working of the department, the subordinate offices have been directed to display details of the schemes being implemented in the respective areas of operation in the office complexes. Such information should include the details of the schemes, its objectives, the funding pattern, the incentives involved, the criteria for selection of the beneficiary etc. The targets and achievements under the scheme are also required to be displayed prominently. Any person aggrieved of any discrimination can approach the immediate officer/ Director of Rural Development for redressed of his grievances which are being looked into expeditiously. Recently a mechanism has been evolved to dispose off the representations in a time bound manner and the aggrieved person shall also be informed of the out come of the enquiry made into his grievance. In order to oversee the functioning of the subordinate offices, the institution of Departmental Vigilance Officers has been made functional and at present officers at the District level have been designated as Departmental Vigilance Officers.
Details of the facilities available to citizens for obtaining information:-

  • The public can contact the officers at the Directorate/Districts in connection with their grievances.
  • The Directorate has also installed a suggestion/complaint box in the complex. The anonymous suggestion will be welcomed whereas anonymous complaints will not be considered . The box is being opened on day to day basis.
  • Emphasis is being laid on the touring of the officers so that quality of the work under execution could be closely monitored.
    Details of facilities available to the citizens for obtaining information:- The citizens can seek information by approaching the Director in the Directorate or any officer subordinate to him there under on any working day during working hours. A Citizen can also seek information from the Director on any scheme implemented by it through ordinary post. However, while seeking information under Jammu & Kashmir Right to Information Act, the citizens have to follow the prescribed procedure which involves the depositing of the fee/ making application on the prescribed form as specified in Jammu & Kashmir Right to Information Rules.



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