My Village My World

My Village My World in short Clean Green Mission is an innovative programme launched by department on 04/08/2015 at Delina Barmulla to ensure planned construction and conservation of water bodies and making villages clean and polythene free.
The campaign also took off across the State at Districts and Panchayat levels in each village in their respective areas.
The campaign is aimed to make environment of rural areas of the State hygienic and healthy besides ensuring planned development of rural areas, preservation and conservation of water bodies and polythene free environs in the villages.
The growing urbanization, haphazard constructions, social volatility and environmental degradation have adversely affected the support systems of human life, agriculture and tourism to such an extent that with every passing day the situation is going from bad to worse not only in the urban areas but in the rural areas as well, and if we fail to act now, we will have to face the adverse consequences.
The unplanned constructions in rural areas is resulting in adverse impact on our natural and built environment including encroachment of roads, choking of streams and springs, incompatible land use and excessive use of natural resources. We have decided to regulate constructions in the rural areas to prevent haphazard growth.
The initiative of ‘My Village, My World’, the Rural Development Department is embarking on a mission envisaging creation of awareness about planned constructions in rural areas, removal of polythene from every village Panchayat, and protection of water bodies rivers, streams, nallahs and springs.
The constructions in the rural areas also lack in terms of safety, sanitation and the basic norms. To promote rural settlements that are safe, functional and accessible, enhance the living standards and the quality of lives of our people and at the same time preserve the natural and cultural landscape of our rural areas.